I offer coaching packages and consultancy services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are seeking personal growth, spiritual guidance, or professional development I am here to support you on your journey.

A profound gift of self-love and transformation

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If you're ready to take your journey to the next level, I offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions designed to provide extra guidance and support. In a one-on-one session, you'll experience the transformative power of having someone by your side, guiding you through the process, understanding your unique path, and holding a higher vision of your true potential. These personalised packages are perfect for those who are truly committed to living their best life and embracing their highest calling.


I possess a natural talent for intuitively identifying the core problems that may be holding you back in your personal or business growth. With this insight, I will guide you through the necessary steps to overcome these obstacles and move forward confidently.

I believe that all challenges stem from the ego, and I am dedicated to guiding you through a transformative process of unlearning the ego's limitations. By embracing this journey, you can invite more abundance, love, peace, and joy into your life.

Drawing from my corporate and business background, I am also equipped to help organisations align with the consciousness and higher awareness we are collectively moving towards.

When we work together, I will approach our sessions with deep compassion, understanding, and patience, recognising that these qualities are integral to the healing journey. However, I will also challenge you because I firmly believe that we cannot afford to remain captive to our egos. There is too much at stake in our lives. We only have one chance at this life, and I am committed to helping you break free from ego limitations, enabling you to live your best life and build your best business.


As a CEO, I have always strived to lead my organisation with confidence and clarity. However, my perspective on leadership underwent a radical transformation when I embarked on a coaching journey with Saraswati. The insights and guidance she provided challenged everything I had been taught about life, work, business, and leadership.Through our sessions, I embraced a more enlightened and conscious style of leadership. Saraswati guided me to tap into my inner wisdom, allowing me to lead authentically, with empathy, and genuine connection. The transformation I experienced, both personally and within my organisation, has been truly remarkable. Thanks to Saraswati's coaching, I have created a work environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and well-being. John Miller

My journey on the twin flame path had been filled with struggles for several years until I found guidance and support from Saraswati. Through our work together, I came to a powerful realisation that the path is ultimately about my own wholeness and reclaiming my full power. With Saraswati's guidance, I learned the importance of never abandoning myself again and embracing a deeper sense of unconditional love for both myself and others. Without her support, I would have continued to grapple with the challenges of this path. The twin flame journey can be incredibly arduous, often triggering the dark night of the soul, yet Saraswati possesses a profound understanding of its complexities. She skilfully aided me in rediscovering the sense of self I had lost, as well as rejuvenating my purpose, clarity, and inner strength along my path. Harmony Ellis

Working with Saraswati has been a truly transformative experience. Through our coaching sessions, I received invaluable guidance in exploring and shifting my beliefs and thoughts. The simplicity of the practices shared by Saraswati had a profound impact on me, leading to a remarkable transformation within myself. What I discovered along this journey is that mindfulness encompasses so much more than I initially realised. It is a profound awakening process, a journey of self-discovery that allows us to truly know our authentic selves. As this awakening unfolded within me, everything in my life began to shift and transform. Alex Jones

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If you're currently facing financial hardship, I want to ensure that access to all my services is still possible for you. We offer partial scholarships to make our programs more accessible.If you're interested in learning more about the available scholarships and how they can assist you, please feel free to reach out to me via email.

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